Professional Learning for Educators

We love making school visits to train staff on simple and effective strategies for calming, focusing, and moving throughout the day, aligned to the Illinois Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards. Thankfully, the societal paradigm on misbehavior has shifted from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” and social service agencies and schools are following the research that yoga and mindfulness are more effective than other interventions for stress and trauma.

Yoga & Mindfulness Professional Development sessions are customized to suit any timeframe and differentiated to meet the needs of the group. Classes and trainings can be be done in-person or virtually. Appropriate for preK-high school educators in all roles from any school. We also offer instructional coaching and classroom visits to reinforce implementation of the strategies. Schools that receive our services utilize United Way, 21st Century, ESSER, ISBE Community Partnership, and Mental Health Services grant funding sources. Contact [email protected] with inquiries.