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I have known Angie for 3 years since she taught her first class at Trewyn K-8. Her classroom visits, as well as her staff development have impacted me on both a professional and personal level. Students that I have had for the last 3 years in my BED classroom are now starting to use what they have learned from her independently and even influencing others who are new to it to use it too.  Those that might have a major outburst, now take some time to themselves in our “Zen Zone” and take a few minutes to breathe. It has made me a better teacher for my students who struggle to regulate themselves daily, a better coworker at school, and a better wife and mom at home.  Angie helps us as a district to break that cycle and give students and staff the opportunity to develop skills they need to keep themselves mentally healthy. 

Cami Williams, Middle School BED Teacher, Peoria Public Schools

“When Angie moved from classroom teaching to our PE position, she revamped our PE program, teaching all of our students mindfulness and yoga. She also led professional development activities for our staff to increase carryover into the classrooms. From the beginning, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of disruptive behaviors and disciplinary incidents at Kellar. Students have more tools to use to self-regulate and it shows in their interactions. Visitors regularly comment on how calm and happy our students are!”

Ken Turner -- Retired Principal, Kellar Primary School District 150
“Miss Angie has taught me to stop, think, breathe in, breathe out. So like she told me you can use it anytime you’re mad, sad, even want to hurt somebody. And since I used to get in trouble a lot, that kinda helped me a little bit to stay outta trouble and not to do dumb things.”
Marchaun Veazy, 5th grader, Glen Oak School

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