Children’s Yoga Classes

To support our community and beyond, we offer free online resources for children, educators, and families.

People of all ages would benefit from learning simple strategies to manage their emotions during these unprecedented times. Do as much or as little of the movement as you feel comfortable and safe to do. If attention span is a challenge, do the longer classes in smaller segments. Content is viewable at your convenience. Subscribe to the Yoga Learning Adventures’ YouTube channel to show your support and to receive notifications when new content is published. Those on our mailing list will also receive access to exclusive free content as well.

We love our partnerships with The Children’s Home Association of Illinois, Morton Community Unit School District, Quest Charter Academy, Pleasant Hill School District, and Peoria Public Schools where we empower youth through yoga and mindfulness classes during the school day, in after-school programs, and during summer school and camps. Thankfully, the societal paradigm on misbehavior has shifted from, “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” and social service agencies and schools are following the research that yoga and mindfulness are more effective than other interventions for stress and trauma.

Schools that receive our services utilize United Way, 21st Century, ESSER, ISBE Community Partnership, and Mental Health Services grant funding sources. To inquire about children’s yoga programming for your school or organization, please contact us.

Breathing Breaks

Take short breathing breaks throughout the day to calm your anxiety and stress.

Guided Meditation

Experience the part of yourself that is unchanging and always at peace.

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement breaks calm and focus the mind in preparation for learning and being still.